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Our expertise

We are a team of researchers and developers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

We optimise your field tours with our intelligent and learning solution

Myndea relies on AI to optimise your field rounds. It uses:

  • Machine Learning: Our algorithms learn and improve autonomously on an ongoing basis.
  • Connectionist AI and Symbolic AI: Connectionism and Symbolism are the two most popular forms of AI today. They aim to replicate the functioning of a human brain, but at different levels of abstraction. Connectionism reconstructs the local functioning of neurons, while symbolism reproduces human reasoning methods.
  • Frugal AI: This is the AI that requires the least amount of data to perform well.

We predict and simulate the future with our AI

Myndea is a self-learning system that predicts and simulates the future, optimising:

  1. Duration of interventions
  2. Technician/intervention pairing according to qualification, availability and proximity
  3. Success rate of the intervention
  4. Next interventions for you and your customers
  5. Additional sales

We develop tools to analyse your data for better performance

Myndea offers you data analysis tools to enable you to make the right decisions, to increase your business and to better support your customers.

Ready to create your best field tours together?