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Our solution

Myndea is THE only intelligent and learning solution to turn your field trips into a value creation lever. Let us be your competitive advantage.

Myndea provides 4 immediate benefits



You can make instant savings and increase your turnover with Myndea. By identifying the best routes in the field, our solution reduces your unnecessary mileage and therefore your transport costs (fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, etc.). It also frees up time for your technicians who can then respond to a greater number of interventions, while respecting their well-being and workload.

  • Business-specific configuration of your dashboards
  • Monitoring and prediction dashboards
  • Real-time monitoring of activity


Myndea offers you the best field rounds thanks to the intelligent allocation of your interventions according to the availability, proximity or skills of your technicians. Your teams gain in productivity, the success rate of interventions increases, and with it the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

  • Intelligent self-planning of interventions
  • Management of priorities and emergencies 
  • Intervention history
  • Real-time data (traffic, activity monitoring, geolocation, etc.)


Myndea's optimisation of field routes ensures that your teams have less distance and constraints, more peace of mind and more efficiency. We also promise simpler and more effective communication within your teams and with your customers. Your technicians feel valued and motivated because Myndea allows them to focus on what really matters: the core business. 

  • Centralized and accessible information
  • Real-time scheduled updates with notifications
  • Automatic messages (SMS, email)
  • Intuitive and easy to use tool


With Myndea, combine performance and respect for the environment. Indeed, an optimized field tour management is also an ecologically responsible management: travel times are reduced, your vehicles are used less and consume less fuel. A valuable tool for improving your carbon footprint in the long term and feeding your CSR policy.

  • Elimination of unnecessary kilometres
  • Real-time traffic
  • Monitoring the condition of equipment and vehicles

Myndea goes even further, thanks to our AI

Our Artificial Intelligence is a self-learning system that predicts and simulates the future, thanks to 5 features that optimise:

  1. The duration of interventions
  2. The technician/intervention pairing according to qualification, availability and proximity
  3. The success rate of the intervention
  4. The next interventions for you and your customers
  5. Your additional sales

Our customers say it best

"Myndea is a tool that facilitates my daily work, that I enjoy using and that allows me to concentrate on my core business". Thierry M.

"With Myndea, we were able to make immediate savings. Our fuel costs were reduced by 15% and our vehicle maintenance costs by 18%." Yann V.

"With Myndea, I can monitor the operations of my teams and measure the growth of the business, for optimal decision making." Joëlle C.

Ready to create your best field tours together?