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Our market, the Field Service Management

Myndea innovates on the Field Service Management market: it relies on Artificial Intelligence to help you manage your field rounds.


What is it?

Field Service Management is the identification of field requirements, planning of interventions, allocation of tasks, supply of parts and information to the field and support to technicians on site. 

The aim is to increase the profitability of the business through the optimisation of field service management. 

The sectors concerned

This market is mainly aimed at service companies offering installation, delivery, maintenance or repair services. It concerns a multitude of sectors: audit and certification, construction (air conditioning, maintenance, plumbing, etc.), energy (electricity, etc.), B2B delivery, telecommunications, remote surveillance, transport, public works, etc.


The 4 challenges

  1. Revaluing field jobs to retain teams and attract new employees 
  2. Facilitate the daily work of the teams:
    • Digitalising and automating route planning and low value-added tasks
    • Reduce time wasting and unnecessary travel
    • Facilitate communication between internal teams
    • Improve customer service
  3. Manage continuous business growth
  4. Promote knowledge transfer between employees

Myndea's field route optimization, your competitive advantage

  • Develop your business
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase your productivity
  • Enhance the value and loyalty of your teams
  • Contribute to the ecological transition

Ready to create your best field tours together?