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The intelligent and learning solution for optimising your field tours

Myndea provides 4 immediate benefits



  • Immediate savings:
    • Fuel: -25%*
    • Vehicle maintenance: -25%*
  • Increase in turnover and profitability

*SFR customer study (2020/2022)



  • Organisation: Better allocation of resources, management of priorities and emergencies
  • Reduction: Appointment preparation time, travel time, intervention time
  • Augmentation: Number and success rate of interventions, customer satisfaction and loyalty



  • Employees focused on their core business
  • Easier and more efficient communication
  • Team loyalty and recruitment



  • Reduction of fuel consumption, and vehicle use
  • Reduced carbon footprint over the long term
  • Contribution to your CSR policy

And much more thanks to our AI 

Myndea is a self-learning system that predicts and simulates the future, optimising:
  1. Duration of interventions
  2. Technician/intervention pairing according to qualification, availability and proximity 
  3. Success rate of the intervention
  4. Next interventions for you and your customers
  5. Additional sales

Our solution for every user


"Myndea is a tool that facilitates my daily work, that I enjoy using and that allows me to concentrate on my core business." Thierry M.


"With Myndea, I can monitor the operations of my teams and measure the growth of the business, for optimal decision making." Joëlle C.


"Myndea is a solution that is easy to set up and use on a daily basis." Hélène B.

4 years of R&D

8.000 users/day

2.4 million interventions/year

The Myndea team

A team of researchers and developers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence.

Our added value :

  • Providers of solutions
  • Flexible, agile and attentive
  • Focus on the satisfaction of customer needs
"Every day, we are driven by the desire to listen to and understand your complex problems, in order to solve them using our Artifical Intelligence algorithms, which provide you with simple solutions for optimizing your field rounds."
Rémi Perthuisot, CEO

They trust us

Ready to create your best field tours together?